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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Get More Clothes and Outfits


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Get More Clothes and Outfits

Stay stylish on the battlefield.

How to Get More Clothes and Outfits in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the latest installment in the spinoff fighting game franchise. The title includes a handful of new and returning characters from the series, from the Warrior of Light down to Y’shtola. That said, fighters have their own set of clothes and outfits that they can change into in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

These outfits provide a fresh new appearance for the characters and are also a callback to some of their appearances from their respective games and artworks. Fans might be wondering how to actually unlock new clothes, and it is through fighting. Players will be rewarded with treasure if they manage to rank up by winning matches, so make sure to practice your combos and collaborate with your team if you want to unlock more costumes. Take note that each treasure drops random loot, so you might have to grind if you are looking for certain clothes or outfits.

Players have a lot of options when it comes to customizing their preferred fighter in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Once you’ve got the one you want to change to, you’ll need to hit Triangle on the main menu to reach the Customize menu. From here, select Customize Characters. Now, you should see all of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s characters. Select the one you want and then simply choose the clothes or outfits that you want the character to don.

That’s all you need to know to get more clothes and outfits in the game. If you are looking for more Dissidia Final Fantasy NT tips and tricks, make sure to check out our wiki.

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