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Top 5 Most Epic Anime Fights of 2017


Top 5 Most Epic Anime Fights of 2017

When words aren’t enough.

Midoriya vs. Todoroki (My Hero Academia Season 2)

The fight between these two is one of the most brutal in My Hero Academia, as Midoriya slowly sacrifices the fingers on his right hand to stop Todoroki’s continued ice barrage. Eventually, Midoriya sacrifices his left arm too, and he uses the moment to teach Todoroki that anyone who wants to become the number 1 hero without giving their all doesn’t deserve the title. He solidifies his conviction by continuing to fight with his already broken fingers, and managing a few more attacks by ripping his cheek and sacrificing his left leg.

Midoriya’s actions and words remind Todoroki of what it means to want to become a hero. For the first time, Todoroki uses all his power, both his ice and his fire, and is able to claim victory over Midoriya because of it. Although this fight is incredible to watch, it’s one of the best because the loser was the true hero. Midoriya saves Todoroki’s soul. This act causes both to become friends, and easily cements the two as the two strongest heroes in Class 1-A of U.A. High School.

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