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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: How to Rename Pokemon


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: How to Rename Pokemon

Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

How to Rename Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The pressure of naming a newly captured Pokemon on the spot can lead to mistakes being made, and may sometimes yield a crummy sobriquet that haunts you every time you send it into battle. Fortunately, the Name Rater can erase these mistakes by allowing you to give your Pokemon a brand new moniker.

He can be found in the Alola Tourist Bureau in Heahea City – just look for the silver-haired gentlemen in the festive shirt. Though he claims that his profession is to rate the quality of names, in actuality, nothing is ever to his satisfaction, and he will offer to change it to something better suited. If you want to simplify things by removing its identity entirely, tapping on the Pokemon’s sprite will revert their name back to the species’ name.

Note that you can only change the nicknames of Pokemon for whom you are the original trainer. Any Pokemon received via trades or in-game events cannot have their names changed. As if to spite you, the Name Rater will declare the names of outsider Pokemon to be absolutely impeccable (even ones that don’t actually have a nickname), and will say no more.

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