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Persona 5 Protagonist Receives Official Name for Animated Film

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Persona 5 Protagonist Receives Official Name for Animated Film

You’ll never see it coming.

Atlus has revealed the official name for the main protagonist of Persona 5 during Atlus’ live stream dubbed “Super Secret Information Reveal! Broadcast Special,” which focused on the upcoming Persona 5 the Animation.

Ren Amamiya will be the official name for the phantom thief code named Joker, Persona Central reports. Fans might be surprised by this reveal, considering the protagonist was called Akira Kurusu in the official manga adaptation. Persona Central’s Mystic tweets that the name Ren perfectly fits the theme of Persona 5, as it means “lotus” or the cleansing of one’s body from sin.

Having the protagonist’s name changed isn’t new for the series, with the protagonists for Persona 3 and Persona 4 also having their canon names changed for the animated film and the spin-off games. In retrospect, Persona 3’s protagonist name was changed from Minato Arisato to Makoto Yuki while Persona 4’s protagonist name was changed from Souji Seta to Yu Narukami. With this, expect to see Joker named as Ren Amamiya once Atlus makes a new spin-off entry featuring the character.

In addition to the protagonist’s name reveal, the stream revealed that all Japanese voice actors will reprise their role for the upcoming film coming next year in Japan.

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