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League of Legends: How Many Champions There Are


League of Legends: How Many Champions There Are

How Many Champions Are in League of Legends

For years, League of Legends has maintained a gigantic level of popularity in the esports and MOBA scene. Its sustained relevance can be attributed to its ability to stay fresh with updates and added content, including a steady stream of releasing new playable characters.

As of Nov. 22, 2017, League of Legends contains a total of 139 champions, with the most recent addition being Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight. To provide perspective, when the game first launched in Oct. 2009, it contained a modest 40 champions.

With a roster over three times larger than the original, it can be daunting for newcomers or returning players to jump into League of Legends. Luckily, developer Riot Games have at least broken down the characters into separate categories based on their class.

According to the game’s client, there are:

  • 15 Assassins
  • 40 Fighters
  • 31 Mages
  • 21 Marksmen
  • 14 Supports
  • 18 Tanks

The bulk of the game’s champion pool can be seen in its early years, releasing from 2009-2012. Back then, it wasn’t uncommon to see more than one new champion per month. Since, League has certainly slowed down in its flow of new characters, releasing roughly a handful per year.

Stay tuned for more information on new characters and upcoming patches for League of Legends. If you need any more help with the game, let us know in the comments below!


This post was originally written by Vincent Yeung.

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