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League of Legends: How to Get Tournament Tickets & What They Do


League of Legends: How to Get Tournament Tickets & What They Do

How To Get Tournament Tickets and What They Do in League of Legends

Earlier this week Riot Games announced their new competitive mode for League of Legends, Clash, a stylish in-client 5v5 tournament system featuring prizes ranging from skins to Blue Essence for winners and losers alike. It’s a long-awaited follow up to Ranked 5s but this time around the mode offers prizes and reward to the victorious teams. The reward system revolves around tickets, a sort of currency exclusive to Clash that allows players to buy in their spot to play in 5v5 Tourneys.

Clash’s golden tickets aren’t merely an entrance fee but are part of a larger betting system designed to reward players for betting big on their teams. The more that are wagered before a game, the better the potential prize pool for the victors. High stakes competitive play is a large aspect of the new game mode and these shiny slivers of paper are the main function that drives that. Riot has stated its intended purpose is to give players something worth fighting for and by balancing risk and reward with tickets, it allows them to offer players big prizes without unbalancing casual play.

Winners and losers alike will earn XP-boosts or Blue Essence for participating, but those who have bet tickets can get access to Skins and Champion shards or unique emotes and icons making both tickets and the game mode attractive to competitive players. Tickets will be available from the store, missions and Hex-tech Crafting. During the Beta for EUW, EUNE and TR prices ranged from 1950 Blue Essence to 275 Riot Points for a single ticket. Players also received tickets for as little as two wins in Ranked Flex. It’s likely that you’ll be able to earn and gift these in a myriad of ways so when Clash launches in early 2018 be ready to go big or go home.

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This post was originally written by Dustin Glymph.

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