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How to Make PS4 Graphics Look Better


How to Make PS4 Graphics Look Better

All about the graphics.

How to Make PS4 Graphics Better

Great quality graphics are admittedly a hallmark of today’s gaming climate. Whether you’re a PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch user, you’ve most assuredly judged a game based on its presentation before. Despite not all games being up to snuff when it comes to resolution and frame rate, there are a myriad of ways to boost the visual attractiveness of a game using your console of choice, particularly when it comes to the PS4.

If you really want the PS4 games you play to shine when it comes to graphics, you should consider getting a PS4 Pro. Not only are games specifically tailored to run better on the enhanced system, but their resolutions and frame rates frequently reach thresholds of 1080p and 60 fps respectively. That being said, some fans out there may not know how to optimize these specifications properly.

Should you have a 4K TV, make sure that you’ve enabled Enhanced Format via your Pro’s System Settings. Though the system offers great recommendations and adjusts display accordingly, feel free to play around with your device to make sure its graphics still run well depending on the room you’re in (lighting also plays a role in this). You can also go ahead and adjust video settings by entering your TV size and changing RGB Range, HDR, and Deep Color Output criteria.

Despite the major graphical benefits a PS4 Pro can afford you, there are also ways to improve presentation via your TV itself. Should it have a Picture Mode, adjust it to Game and turn off the automatic function. You can also go ahead and adjust the basic settings for Color and Brightness to 50 each. If your TV has it, turn off the Light Sensor feature too. Though in theory it helps your screen automatically adjust brightness based on the room you’re in, more often than not it fails to keep up with times of day and can just cause a headache, not to mention a strain on your eyes.

As far as specific settings are concerned, the individual Brightness, Color, and Clarity settings on a TV can also be optimized for gaming, too. For Brightness, try boosting the Contrast to 100 while keeping Black Label at 50 and Gamma at 0. Go ahead and turn off Black Adjust and Advanced Contract Enhancer should those options be there, too.

For Color, leave Hue at 0 and turn Live Color up high. Color Temperature should be at Expert 1 whereas Color Space should be left as Auto. Leave Advanced Color Temperature alone should it be included.

For Clarity, adjust Sharpness to 50 and turn everything else off, including Reality Creation, Random Noise Reduction, and Digital Noise Reduction.

By following this guide, your PS4 should now display a great quality picture no matter the game being played. Keep in mind that graphics are highly dependent on the developer of the title itself too, meaning there are some instances that are beyond our realm of control. This being said there are plenty of PS4 titles to choose from that are guaranteed to impress a crowd, so no worries on that front.

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