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How to Play 2 Player in CoD WW2


How to Play 2 Player in CoD WW2

How to Play 2 Player in CoD WW2

Video games are made a whole lot better when playing with a friend, and the Call of Duty franchise is no stranger to that. Its latest entry, CoD WW2, allows you and a buddy the chance to play with each other on the same screen should you find yourselves lounging about on a Friday night with nothing to do, though there is one limitation to take note of.

This restriction is the inability to tackle the game’s campaign mode with a friend. CoD WW2’s story mode was made with immersion in mind so as to not dilute the experience should another person be along for the journey, so unfortunately friends can’t join in on the ride.

This being said, there are a lot of multiplayer and Nazi Zombies modes that allow you and your friend the chance to play with each other on the same TV as long as one of you have another controller for your system handy. With the controller installed and ready to go, select the Local Play option from the game’s main menu to start up a 2 player session.

You can also start a 2 player game in the multiplayer menu right before select the Public Match option. To do this, just plug a controller into your video game machine of choice and press X to bring another player into your session. You’ll now both be able to sweep noobs side by side on the same screen in the CoD series’ staple multiplayer mode.

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