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10 Superheroes We Can’t Wait to See in the MCU


10 Superheroes We Can’t Wait to See in the MCU

So many new options.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re no doubt aware that Disney has purchased a large part of Fox, and with that comes a ton of Marvel-based characters that are now (finally) under one roof. It’s a rather exciting time to consider all of these heroes and villains who can now crossover, fight for or against and ultimately shape an even bigger and broader universe for fans to enjoy. Here’s just a few spotlighted characters, new and old, that will very soon be sitting alongside Doctor Strange and Iron Man.


The Captain Obvious choice is Logan, a hero that has dominated the Fox slate of mutant films since the X-Men debuted on the silver screen. Now there is a slight issue with this pick, namely that the man who has made him a household name in Hugh Jackman who has said on a number of occasions that Logan, the gritty finale to the Wolverine story that released earlier this year, was his last hurrah as the character. Or is it?

There are two options for Marvel and Disney; either convince Jackman of one last cameo to appease the many fans, or recast the character and begin from scratch. It would be incredibly difficult to see anyone else play the role but it wouldn’t entirely be out of the question, and it could lead to a number of other recasting options for characters in the X-Men universe.

Whatever happens, to see Wolverine duke it out with Hulk on the big screen would be a dream come true for many diehard Marvel followers, among many other potential encounters across the wide world of Marvel. But what of X-23?

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