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Xbox One X: How to Download 4K Patches & Updates for Your Games


Xbox One X: How to Download 4K Patches & Updates for Your Games

How to Download 4K Patches & Updates for Your Games on the Xbox One X

So you have a shiny new Xbox One X, huh? Well, congrats! The Xbox One X is quite the machine and – as far as home consoles go, anyway – it’s about as powerful as it’s going to get. At least, that is if you download the patches needed to actually allow 4K gameplay to be enabled.

If you have patches set to automatically download on their own, you probably don’t need to worry about this as your Xbox One X should already be on it. To set your Xbox One X to automatically download updates, go into your Settings. From there, go to Updates and then check the options to have your Xbox automatically apply any console and/or games and apps updates while in the background.

If you’re paranoid and you want to be sure, or you have this turned off and need to manually download your update, you can do that too. Go to My Games & Apps on your Xbox One X and head down in the menu until you reach Updates. If there are any games that need to be updated, you’ll be able to see them there. Click the Options button and start the update to queue it up.

Finally, keep in mind that some games have additional 4K/framerate settings in-game. For example, Gears of War 4 lets you set whether you want to prioritize visuals or framrate. So give the in-game settings a look too to make sure everything is the way you want.

That does it for how to download 4K patches on the Xbox One X. Enjoy your console!

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