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Xbox One X: How to Check 4K & HDR and Turn it On


Xbox One X: How to Check 4K & HDR and Turn it On

How to Check and Turn on 4K & HDR on Xbox One X

So you finally got an Xbox One X? Cool! The Xbox One X is a very powerful machine and it among home consoles, it’s about as powerful as it’s going to get for this generation. That said, you’re going to want to make sure your settings are actually tuned to take advantage of what the Xbox One X has to offer: 4K resolution and HDR.

To check if you’re using your console to the best of its ability and turn it on, you’re going to want to go into your Settings. From there, you want to head over to Display & Sound and then Video Output. Once there, you’ll see that there’s a section for Display and TV resolution. If your TV supports the latest visual technology, you should see 4K UHD as an option. Make sure that’s what is selected to turn it on. Then, go to Advanced Video Settings, and make sure the For Games & Apps setting has both visual settings selected and highlighted.

That takes care of things on the Xbox One X’s side, but to make sure that your TV is actually putting out that resolution and using HDR properly, you have one more place to visit. From the menu you were just at, go to 4K TV Details. That’s where you’ll see whether or not your TV can handle it and whether it’s putting out both visuals during various points such as while watching TV and movies, playing games, and capturing gameplay. Green check marks will indicate that you are, while anything in yellow is an alert that you’ll want to address. If you see any yellow, check your TV settings and make sure that you have the ability to play in 4K and HDR and that those settings are turned on. If you’re having trouble, contact your TV manufacturers’ customer service for help on properly setting up.

That does it for how to check and turn on 4K & HDR for the Xbox One X. Enjoy your console!

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