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Sonic Forces: How to Get the Shadow Costume


Sonic Forces: How to Get the Shadow Costume

Black is totally in.

How to Get the Shadow Costume in Sonic Forces

Though Shadow the Hedgehog is notably absent as a playable character in Sonic Forces’ main campaign, fans of the iconic anti-hero can honor his legacy by decking out their Avatar in a full-body costume. At this point, the only way to access this outfit is by preordering Sonic Forces at EB Games and receiving a download code.

All it takes is entering this code in the Nintendo eShop, and the costume will be yours in Sonic Forces. The costume comes in three different parts (headgear, gloves and a bodysuit), and features three different color variations. Of course, the classic black style is featured, as well as an all-white ensemble, and an odd chartreuse option.

In order to actually equip the costume in Sonic Forces, you must complete the Avatar’s first stage (the Chemical Plant Spaceport), after which you will be able to customize their wardrobe by accessing the Avatar menu (accessible via the World Map) and selecting the Fitting Room.

Those who would rather just play as Shadow himself need not worry, as Episode Shadow is available as free DLC. The three prequel chapters not only star the moody antihero, but also allow you to replay completed Modern Sonic stages as Shadow, as well.

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