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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Do Pokemon Follow You?


Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Do Pokemon Follow You?

Do Pokemon Follow You in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon?

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon bring in a lot of new features to the series, letting fans experience Alola in a whole new way. While the core mechanics are still here, there are plenty of other activities and mechanics to explore in the game. That being said, one question fans might be asking is whether Pokemon will be able to follow you, their trainer, outside of the Pokeball, as you explore the world.

Game Freak originally introduced the popular concept back in Generation 2 and it has become such a big hit since then. The last time we saw this feature was in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, so many players are hoping the mechanic will return. Unfortunately, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon don’t allow Pokemon to follow their respective trainers. All of them will stay in the Pokeball as they travel with you.

However, there are other ways you can interact with your beloved companions. You can use Pokemon Refresh to groom and feed your pals, and there’s also the new photo mode that lets you take some awesome selfies with them.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon provide plenty of activities for you and your Pokemon. Be sure to check out our other nifty guides if you need more help with the game!

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