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Overwatch’s New Character Moira Is Now Live

Overwatch, Moira

Overwatch’s New Character Moira Is Now Live

Time to get your support on!

Overwatch’s latest support hero Moira has made her way to the live Overwatch servers, at long last. If you’ve been itching to play her outside of the PTR servers and on consoles, now’s your chance to start doing some real damage (or healing, because that’s important too.)

Moire is bringing her aggressive style of support to the game, along with her very cool teleportation ability, just in time for the free Overwatch weekend. And what better time to introduce her than when people are angry at Star Wars Battlefront II and looking for something else to possibly play in the interim?

Moira has a very cool few skins, one of which looks like an obvious nod to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona, and she overall resembles an awesome-looking space witch of some sort, so just from those reasons alone she’s worth trying out if you’ve been aching for a new support character beyond Zenyatta or Mercy.

There’s a slew of new updates available in addition to Moira, which you can read about in full with Blizzard’s patch notes here.


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