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Overwatch: Who is Moira? Her Backstory, Explained


Overwatch: Who is Moira? Her Backstory, Explained

Moira’s Backstory – Who Is She?

Overwatch is filled with unique characters, each with their own backstory. They all fight for their own cause, be it for peace, revenge, destruction, or redemption. In line with this, Blizzard just released a new hero at BlizzCon 2017 named Moira. Gameplay-wise, she is a Support hero who can heal her allies or damage her enemies.

As for her part in the lore, she is a brilliant geneticist with a rather flagrant background. Moira O’Deorain will do anything to explore the fundamental building blocks of life, even at the cost of morality and ethicality. She once published a controversial research paper focusing on custom genetic programs that could alter DNA at a cellular level. Her research showed plenty of promise, especially when it came to curing diseases and maximizing human potential.

However, many of her peers pointed out the flaws in her work. They expressed her research’s ethical shortfalls and even accused her of having a similar desire that eventually led to the dreaded Omnic Crisis. Moreover, other researchers found a way to replicate the same result without the radical measures. Her promising paper was what eventually led to her downfall.

At her lowest point, Blackwatch offered to support her work. Moira continued to work on her drastic experiments in the shadows until the Overwatch downfall. The Venice incident exposed all of her work while many high-ranking strike team members disavowed any affiliation with her.

Luckily for Moira, the scientific collective that built Oasis offered to continue sponsoring her work. In truth, she is also working with the evil Talon organization who aids her experiments while reaping the results. Moira also plays a major part in Reaper’s backstory as it seems like she is the one who transformed him into his current wraith-like form. That said, she is a dangerous addition to the Overwatch roster who will stop at nothing to achieve the results she desires.

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