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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Get the Secret Worlds


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Get the Secret Worlds

Some new outfits and cool challenges.

How to Unlock the Secret Worlds in Super Mario Odyssey

So you beat Super Mario Odyssey. Congratulations, now what?

Well, when you beat the game you are taken to a certain level and told to go forth and collect as many Power Moons as you can. For what reason you might ask? Why, to unlock the Secret Worlds of course. Tucked away in the game are two hidden levels that can be unlocked only by gathering Power Moons. Of the 880 Power Moons you can gather in the game, you only need 250 for the first Secret World and 500 for the second. Both of which are only available once you’ve beaten the game.

At 250 Power Moons you will have successfully powered up the Odyssey enough that you can now go to the first secret world: the Dark Side of the Moon, also known as Rabbit Ridge. Here you have 26 more Power Moons to collect as well as a difficult boss rush of all the Broodals. This challenge is incredibly difficult thanks to the Moon jumping physics, so be careful. With some time and effort however, they can be beaten and defeating them will grant Mario the King’s Outfit, allowing you to look stylish as you stomp out Goombas.

Super Mario Odyssey

After that, once you finally hit 500 Power Moons, the Odyssey will have powered up enough to grant you access to the final level of the game: the Darker Side of the Moon, Culmina Crater. Fittingly, the level features only one prolonged platforming challenge that serves as the final test and culmination of everything the game has taught the player up to this point. The level is by far the hardest in the game and features different challenges with most of the game’s captures.

Players will be truly tested in Culmina Crater, but successfully managing to overcome the level will reward the player with the Invisibility Cap. Which, as you may have guessed, turns Mario completely invisible. NPCs will no longer notice him unless he directly talks to him and aside from a shadow on the ground, it’s impossible to tell where Mario is with the Cap on. Though for players seeking a bit of added challenge in Super Mario Odyssey, it’s a good handicap.

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