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Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds: What the Recommended Level Is


Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds: What the Recommended Level Is

What the Recommended Level Is for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

The Frozen Wilds has finally dropped, expanding the map of Horizon Zero Dawn even more and opening up a whole host of new content to fans. It’s been almost nine months since Horizon Zero Dawn released and, as such, many fans are wondering what the recommended level cap is for the DLC.

While Guerrilla Games has already confirmed that the DLC isn’t end game content, you won’t be able to just jump in at any level. Well, you can, but The Frozen Wilds is fairly challenging, so don’t expect to get very far. The recommended level for its opening quest is level 30.

From there, the story quests and side quests all bounce around between level 30 and 50. As such, we recommend starting The Frozen Wilds at around level 35. That way, you should hopefully avoid the need to grind for most of the story quests, and you can pick off side quests at a later date once you’ve leveled up a bit more.

Of course, that is just the recommended level. It is possible to beat The Frozen Wilds at a lower level, but you’ll need some serious skill (and patience) to whittle away your foes’ health bars.

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