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December 2017 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


December 2017 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

Who can object to free games during the holidays?



The Division

Along with access to online multiplayer, every month Sony releases a few free games for users with a PlayStation Plus subscription. A couple of months ago Metal Gear Solid fans were excited to see the AAA title Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain make it to October 2017’s free games list, as well as a few other indies for both PS4 and PS3.

Every month one larger game headlines the list, and although we don’t know what December 2017’s free games will be yet, we can take a stab at predicting what they may be. For December we suspect the larger game on PS Plus will be Tom Clancy’s The Division from Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment.

It’s surprising that The Division has yet to make it to PS Plus, due to the fact it’s an online-only game and it released back in March 2016 with some some DLC packs releasing since then. Offering a multiplayer game for PS Plus is complementary to the support of the online service, and Sony has been know to favor titles with more recent DLC to perhaps incentivize those who pick up the main game for free to purchase them later on.

In The Division you are a survivor of a small-pox outbreak in a fictionalized, future New York City. You become part of The Division who are tasked with rebuilding any and all operations while also combating crime and trying to figure out the original cause of the outbreak. You can do missions solo or team up online with others to tackle them together.

Check out the next page where we take a stab at guessing an indie title that could be included in the PS Plus lineup for December 2017.

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