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CoD WW2: How to Prestige


CoD WW2: How to Prestige

Get those shiny badges.

How to Prestige in CoD WW2

As with past games in the Call of Duty series, CoD WW2 allows you to prestige after reaching the game’s maximum level and ranking. However, this will require you to put in quite a bit of effort. First off, the rank max level cap is 55. You can raise your rank level by playing the game’s multiplayer modes and earning experience. You’ll earn experience points at the end of each multiplayer match, and the amount you receive largely depends on how well you performed within that match itself.

Once you reach rank 55, you’ll prestige and get a nice, shiny new badge to show for it. In addition to that, players that you encounter in the social Headquarters area will also be able to see your esteemed achievement. However, that’s not the end of the journey. You can prestige up to 10 times in CoD WW2, which means that if you want to hit the absolute highest level in the game, you’ll have to reach rank 55 a total of 10 times in the game to collect all of your prestige badges. Needless to say, this is going to take you quite a bit of time.

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