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CoD WW2: How to Get Armory Credits


CoD WW2: How to Get Armory Credits

Money for your fashion.

How to Get Armory Credits in CoD WW2

Armory Credits are the primary currency you’ll be using in the online multiplayer portion of CoD WW2. These are used to purchase cosmetic items such as weapon skins, different soldier outfits and uniforms, and other collection items from the Quartermaster. However, these don’t come by very easily in CoD WW2.

There are a few ways to farm for Armory Credits in CoD WW2, though they’re all rather time-consuming. The best way to try to farm for them is by completing Daily and Weekly Orders from Major Howard. He’s located in the Headquarters social space, and if you can knock out the Orders, you’ll be rewarded with experience points and Armory Credits. When you’re first starting out in the online portion, you’ll also be given a few simple objectives to fulfill, which can reward you with experience or Credits. The mailbox will refresh every few hours as well, giving you a few hundred extra Credits to spend.

Lastly, you can also earn Armory Credits by increasing your social score. This can be done by opening Supply Drops in front of other players, watching videos in the Theatre, and competing with players in matches and shootouts in the Headquarters.

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