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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get KK Slider & What he Does


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get KK Slider & What he Does

How to Get KK Slider & What He Does in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp manages to fit many of the great features of the main series onto your smartphone. Of course, with this being an Animal Crossing game, it just wouldn’t be right if everybody’s favorite guitar-playing dog, KK Slider, wasn’t in the game. Here’s how to get KK Slider to stay at your campsite and what he actually does in the game.

First, let’s talk about how you can get KK Slider in Pocket Camp. For 45 days after you start a new game, you’ll have the option to purchase KK Slider’s chair for 250 Leaf Tickets from the Crafting menu. While these can be earned naturally through playing the game, these can also be bought with real-life money. Although, we certainly wouldn’t recommend rushing to buy Leaf Tickets for KK Slider.

That’s because he doesn’t really do anything in Pocket Camp. Once you’ve crafted his chair and placed it in your campsite, he’ll sit down, play his guitar, and that’s about it. The song he’s playing is only audible when you’re close enough, he doesn’t appear to give you any special quests to complete, and he’ll repeat the same few lines over and over again when you talk to him. That said, if you’re looking for a way to give your camp a more mellow feel, a guitar-playing dog will more than definitely do the trick!

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