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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Animals to Move In


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Animals to Move In

How to Get Animals to Move in on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, as its name suggests, moves away from the town setting of the main series and instead, has players focusing on improving a campsite. You’ll gather items, collect fruit, and complete tasks for the animals that are visiting the different areas of the map. Of course, the campsite can get pretty lonely, so you’re probably wondering how to can get animals to move in.

Well, this is basically the main cycle in Pocket Camp. Upon meeting a character at one of the different locales on your map, you can speak to them and bring them items to raise your friendship level with them. Next, open up the Contacts option at the bottom of your screen and select the character you’d like to move in. Upon doing this, you’ll then be given a list of requirements for that animal to come and visit your campsite.

Often, this includes reaching a friendship level of at least 2 with them, and also having crafted some of their favorite furniture to spruce up your campsite to their liking. Once you’ve ticked off everything on this friendship checklist of sorts, you should now have the option to invite them to your campsite. A quick cutscene will play of them enjoying the attractions of your campsite, and they’ll likely then tell you they’re really impressed with the place. At this point, you’ll receive a message saying that the animal will now be able to visit you at any time. From our experience with Pocket Camp, once you’ve invited them to your campsite, they’ll stick around for good unless your camp gets too full.

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