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Top 10 Most Memorable Moments from the Uncharted Series


Top 10 Most Memorable Moments from the Uncharted Series

Plane crashes and train sequences galore.

It was Uncharted’s 10th birthday this past weekend, yay! Sony and Naughty Dog did a look back at the series recently, but we thought we’d go ahead and share our top moments as well. We’re going to start with a not-that-spoilery one, but needless to say: Spoiler warning from here on out in case you don’t want anything from the series ruined for you at all.


Naughty Dog got their big break when the company first developed Crash Bandicoot back in the late 90’s, and in Uncharted 4, the team decided to go all the way back to the beginning by incorporating Crash Bandicoot into an Uncharted scene. Drake turning on his PlayStation and challenging Elena to a game of Crash was one of the best moments in Uncharted 4 that made me smile like a kid on Christmas day. You can play a part of Crash Bandicoot in an Uncharted game! Like what? It was so cool to see Naughty Dog bring up their history in what would be Drake’s last grand adventure.

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