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The Evil Within 2: How to Crouch


The Evil Within 2: How to Crouch

How to Crouch in The Evil Within 2

While you’ll always have the option to face the fearsome creatures of The Evil Within 2 head-on, you can still try and sneak around them, or even pull off a sneak kill. In order to do either of these things, however, you’re going to need to know how to crouch.

To do this in The Evil Within 2, all you need to do is hit the R3 button. To do this, simply push the right stick on your PS4 or Xbox One controller in and you’ll hear a little click as the stick drops slightly into the controller.

You’ll now find Sebastian is crouching on the screen. He can’t move around quite as quickly, but he will make far less noise and be more difficult for enemies to spot. If you want to use a sneak attack, you’ll need to crouch and get close behind an enemy. You’ll then be given the prompt to press X (or A on Xbox One) to perform a sneak attack. Sebastian will take care of the enemy with relatively little fuss, allowing you to continue on (hopefully) undetected.

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