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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Return to Human Form


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Return to Human Form

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How to Return to Human Form in Super Mario Odyssey

The biggest features introduced in Super Mario Odyssey is the ability to throw Cappy around and have Mario himself transform from his human form into whatever organism you just possessed. This can open up a lot of new abilities to you; for instance, becoming a frog lets you swim faster and jump higher, while becoming a T-Rex lets you decimate all enemies around you and destroy obstacles in your way.

However, you will eventually want to return to Mario’s normal human form, as you won’t be able to do basic things like opening up chests and examining items when you’re in possession of another object. To do this in Super Mario Odyssey, just press the ZL button on the Joy-Con to release your captured organism. Once you hit the button, your captive will be left on the ground, stunned for a short while and Mario will be back in his normal human form. After a few seconds, they’ll disappear. During this time, you can possess them again by throwing Cappy, or leave them be and continue on your way through Super Mario Odyssey.

You can always go back to their original positions to capture them with Cappy again, should the need arise.

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