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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Beat the Inverted Pyramid Broodal Boss


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Beat the Inverted Pyramid Broodal Boss

Fight fire with fire.

How to Beat the Inverted Pyramid Broodal Boss in Super Mario Odyssey

After arriving at the Desert Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll be tasked with heading over to the inverted pyramid in the distance, where you’ll have to fight another Broodal boss. This Super Mario Odyssey boss is a little trickier than the previous one you faced, but once you know her patterns, there shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The Broodal in the inverted pyramid in Super Mario Odyssey can protect herself from your hat throws, and she’ll constantly fling bombs at you. The first two bombs she flings at you will be small ones, and the third one will be a much larger one. Whenever the small bomb hits the ground, you have a couple of seconds to throw Cappy at it to deflect it back at her. You’ll need to line up the shot properly, and make sure the bomb is directly between you and the Broodal before throwing Cappy. The larger bombs are much easier to deflect as they’ll stay in the ground for a few extra seconds, and you don’t have to line up the shot.

After pelting her with either a small or large bomb, she’ll be stunned for a while, and you can jump directly on top of her to deal damage. Each time you do this, she’ll fly around the inverted pyramid arena dropping bombs everywhere. Just dodge these and wait for her to come back down to repeat the phases. You’ll need to do this three times to win the fight in the inverted pyramid.

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