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Rick and Morty Fans Get Ready to Lose Your Minds, Szechuan Sauce Is Back Baby!

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Rick and Morty Fans Get Ready to Lose Your Minds, Szechuan Sauce Is Back Baby!

We made it!

We *burp* did it, Morty! McDonald’s announced today that for one day only Szechuan sauce will be available. Oct. 7 will be the only day to enjoy the revival of a condiment long thought dead. Rick and Morty fans everywhere can now get in on that sweet and tangy action.

Not a Rick and Morty fan? Then you may not understand the inside joke that has now escalated into something that would get a major brand like McDonald’s involved.

During the season three premiere of the popular adult animated series, one of the title characters, Rick ranted about McDonald’s infamous Szechuan sauce, which was only available for a short period of time while promoting the 1998 release of Disney’s Mulan. McDonald’s was quick to pick up on this and gave away a few jars through a contest run on Twitter, as well as sent one to the co-creator of the series which was auctioned off to Deadmau5.

Despite the sauce being dead for nearly 20 years now, it grew to be more popular than when it was originally released thanks to this episode.

And now it’s back baby! Along with the sauce, posters are being created to celebrate the event. Although they will not feature Rick and Morty or any of the characters from the franchise, the poster for the Szechuan sauce does have a very spacey vide. We see you McDonald’s.

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