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All Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Skins


All Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Skins

Kiss all your gold goodbye

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That time of the year is back again! Halloween season is in full swing and Blizzard is celebrating by bringing the Overwatch Halloween Terror event back for a second year. The Halloween event from last year was certainly a popular one that introduced a fun PvE mode and some ghoulish renditions of our favorite heroes. This year Symmetra, Reaper, Zenyatta, Torbjorn, McCree, Ana, Mei and Zarya are getting new skins to celebrate the scariest time of the year.

So let the debates over which hero ended up with the best new Halloween skin begin!

Ana – Corsair

Let’s be honest. It took Blizzard entirely too long to put a parrot on Ana’s shoulder. But since the end result looks so cool anyway, we’re willing to forgive the delay.

Zenyatta – Cultist

Zenyatta has been transformed into an awesome looking cyborg kraken thing, which comes as no surprise since he was the face of this year’s Halloween event promotions. Either way, getting a detailed look at the new skin its entirety unveils some pretty cool details like those dangling tentacles.

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