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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2016 vs. 2017: Which Is Better?


Overwatch Halloween Terror 2016 vs. 2017: Which Is Better?

How does this Overwatch Halloween compare to last year’s?


Overwatch Halloween Terror: 2016 vs. 2017

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The great thing about Overwatch’s seasonal events, besides all the new skins and special brawl of course, is they have the potential to get incrementally better with each passing year. Arguably one of the most well-received events was Halloween Terror, which ran from Oct. 11- Nov. 1 in 2016 and is back again from Oct. 10 – Nov. 1 for Overwatch players in 2017. But if we compare the two together, which one is truly better?

Compared to last year, the Halloween Terror event has only gotten better in terms of simply adding more content. Much like the return of the Summer Games event, all the past cosmetic items have returned at a discounted price, so if you missed any from last year you can pick them up. On top of that, and arguably more importantly, there are new items just for 2017 including eight legendary skins. The new skins this year are being very well-received, with Symmetra’s Dragon skin becoming an instant hit among fans. Especially since her gun has its own moving eye, as if getting locked on by Symmetra’s beam wasn’t frightening enough. Other great inclusions are Zarya dressed up as an ’80s workout trainer, and Ana dressed up as a pirate that was teased in an Overwatch comic a few months ago.

Although bringing back past skins makes them feel less exclusive for long-term Overwatch players, having them available again ends up being beneficial for old and new players alike. Say you really wanted Witch Mercy from last year but didn’t have the credits or the luck to get it in a loot box. Now you can not only have a chance to get it again, but purchase it for 1000 credits compared to the 3000 price tag in 2016.

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