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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Resurrect Captains


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Resurrect Captains

How to Resurrect Captains in Middle-arth: Shadow of War

As you make your way through Middle-arth: Shadow of War, you’ll be able to add firepower to your attack in terms of a following. You can get followers of different rarity, whether that be common, rare, epic, or legendary, and some of them will be Captains. However, some of those followers will die during missions or as you’re exploring Shadow of War’s world. Thankfully, with a particular skill, you might be able to resurrect your fallen Captains.

Towards the end of act 3, once you have finished Minas’s Champion Pit, you will be granted the talent called Raise Dead, which gives you the ability to resurrect followers. To resurrect them, head to the army menu, where you’ll see the option to bring them back to the action. The body of the Captain you’re attempting to resurrect needs to still be on the ground. If you leave them too long after they die, their body will de-spawn and you won’t be able to resurrect them. You also will not be able to resurrect a captain if their body has been disfigured. If your follower gets decapitated and put on a spike, they cannot be resurrected, for obvious reasons. If you successfully resurrect a follower captain, they will return as a zombie, lose five levels and the ability to gain levels, and continue as one of your followers.

That is how you resurrect Captains in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. For more on the game, check out our wiki.

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