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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Get Legendary Gear


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Get Legendary Gear

How to Get Legendary Gear in Middle-earth Shadow of War

Legendary Gear in Shadow of War is the best kind of equipment you can hope to uncover in-game, with various types of weapons, armor, and rings that come in sets. Legendary items can be upgraded as you complete specific objectives in-game, and they come with special bonuses that grow ever larger with additional items added to each set. They’re instrumental in keeping the denizens of Mordor in check, especially if you want to be a responsible leader of your Orc army. In addition, there are two different items you can only get through the completion of specific quests: Ringwraith and the Bright Lord. You only get one per game, and they won’t appear as random drops. But how do you seek out Legendary Gear to start with?

Open Chests for Legendary Gear

It’s pretty simple. There are two ways you can get Legendary Gear, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to open chests. The Shadow of War marketplace has chests up for sale that you can purchase to obtain certain items. You can purchase some chests with in-game currency Mirian, and others are only available for those who have caved and purchased the premium currency Gold. You’ll want to seek out the Loot Chests and purchase some if you’re looking for a straightforward path to obtaining Legendary Gear.

You’ll want to focus on Mithril Loot Chests if you want to buy your way to Legendary status, as each chest contains four legendary items, guaranteed. It’s the most expensive out of all the options for chests, so you’ll want to buy them sparingly. Gold Loot Chests contain at least one legendary item, and Silver Loot Chests have but a chance at receiving at least one legendary item out of the two items inside. It’s essentially a gamble to choose this method, but there are ways for you to guarantee you’ll get one of the drops you’re looking for.

Kill Orcs For Random Legendary Gear Drops

If you don’t fancy spending a lot of real-world cash to get Legendary item drops, then focus on killing some Orc Captains to make your Legendary dreams a reality. Seek out Legendary-tier Orc Captains and kill them to make them drop Legendary items. Unfortunately, while this sounds like an easy plan, Legendary Orc Captains are formidable enemies and will make for tough opponents. It’s best to approach them when you’re ready for a tough scuffle and don’t try to take on more than one at once unless you’re prepared to go in fighting for your life.

The type of gear Orcs will drop is tied to their rank, so if it’s Legendary gear you’re after, make sure you seek out the Legendary Orcs. Otherwise you’ll be getting various other item drops that you’re probably not as concerned with. Beware that you can also get several duplicates using this method, so make sure you’ve got plenty of time to spare when embarking on this method.

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