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Destiny 2: How to Open the Director and Go to Orbit on PC


Destiny 2: How to Open the Director and Go to Orbit on PC

Getting used to the new controls.

Opening the Director and Going to Orbit on PC in Destiny 2

Now that Destiny 2 is finally available on PC, new players might be having a bit of trouble getting acclimated to the new mouse and keyboard controls for certain basic functions in the game. While returning to orbit isn’t necessary whenever you want to go to a new planet anymore, it’s still important to know how to open the Director and navigate from there.

First off, simply going to orbit is easy enough. Push the Tab button to summon your Ghost, then press and hold the O button to return to orbit. This can be done from any social space, planet, and after an activity like a Strike or Crucible match. If you want to travel to another destination, press and hold the Tab button to open the Director. From here, you’ll be able to check the galaxy map and go straight to another planet. You can also check the local map and fast travel to another location on the planet you’re currently on by holding down the left mouse button. And that’s about it.

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on Destiny 2 and PC version of the game.

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