Connect with us’s Latest Update Allows Brings Avatars, Groups, and the Option to Appear Offline

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News’s Latest Update Allows Brings Avatars, Groups, and the Option to Appear Offline

You can try out these augments now.

The latest update for from Blizzard brings several augments to the service for fans to dig into, including the ability to put together groups, send messages to friends when they’re offline, and even the ability to appear offline.

Previously, several of these features were available during an open beta for, but they’re available today for everyone to try out. You can check out the Social tab to create and join groups with text and voice channels, much like in the way Discord works. You can manage memberships of your group members, as well as the content and the invitations that go out.

You can use the Social tab as well to chat with friends whether or not they’re online, sending messages on the go via the mobile app, if you choose to do so, meaning you don’t have to sit at the computer to send messages via anymore. And if you don’t want to be bothered, you can set your status to appear offline instead of just busy or away. In addition, you can set an avatar to better represent who you are online. You can also send gifts if you choose to do so. This makes it handy to send things like Overwatch loot boxes and Hearthstone card packs as well.

To kick things off with these new changes, everyone has gotten their own free Hearthstone card pack as well. Get out there and grab it while you test out all the new features!


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