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NBA 2K18: How to Alley Oop


NBA 2K18: How to Alley Oop

Perform an assist with style.

Alley Oop in NBA 2K18

Regardless if it results in a dunk or layup, nailing an alley oop is one of the most satisfying offensive moves in NBA 2K18. Aside from scoring two points for your team, passing alley oops to teammates also count as an assist if they land the shot.

Alley oops can be done in two ways. The first one is a regular alley oop, which is done by simply double tapping the triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One), or X (Switch) button, which makes your player toss the ball up in the air for a teammate to perform either a layup or dunk. This maneuver is best done during 2-on-1 fast break situations, as the lone defender will be helpless in contesting the shot. Additionally, make sure your teammate is driving towards the basket to receive the alley oop.

Meanwhile, self-alley oops can be done by double tapping the same button while holding the left stick towards the basket. Mostly done for flashy highlight plays, performing a self-alley oop will prompt your player to either throw the ball up in the air or bounce it on the glass before performing the shot. Just make sure there’s enough space between your player and the basket to perform the self-alley oop.

You can still perform an alley oop even if you’re not holding the ball. To call for it, double tap the same button while you’re driving towards the hoop.

The control scheme remains largely the same for NBA 2K18. Basically, if you can throw an alley oop in previous NBA 2K games, you can do the same in this year’s game.

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