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Destiny 2: How to Beat the Leviathan Raid


Destiny 2: How to Beat the Leviathan Raid

Overcome the toughest challenge.

Part 1: Opening the Gates

How to Beat the Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2

When you first arrive on the Leviathan in Destiny 2, a towering palace looms before you. In front of it stands a greeting party of Cabal guards. Ignore the guards and proceed up the ramp to the side, steadily making your way into the actual palace. None of the outside guards will attack you as long as you don’t do anything to them.

Once you’re in the Castellum, a sort of hub area in the raid, you will look for a symbol on the floor with three key slots. Above one of the slots will be a floating image of either a Sun, Beast, Crossed Axes (you can call them swords, they look like axes to me), or a Chalice. That symbol will match another floor symbol elsewhere in the room. Before seeking it out, leave four members of your team to guard the key area, then two of you need to go and seek out the key.

When you locate the next symbol, defeat the adds nearby until a large enemy called the Standard Bearer appears. Kill him and then one of you can pick up the key (it’s called a Relic when you approach it). Take it back to the other spot that’s being guarded by the rest of your team and put it in, which will make a new floating symbol appear. Repeat the above steps.

After the first key is retrieved, those guarding the keys will have to deal with new enemy types: Counselors and Standard Liberators. The Liberators are powerful melee enemies that will take a key back, prolonging this section. Counselors are shielded Psions that will make Liberators immune and summon projections (which will wipe the team if not taken out fast enough). The Counselors go down with just one melee hit, though you must enter their shield to kill them. Keep an eye on the bottom of your screen (above your super bar) and when you see a note on the Counselor hunt them down immediately, then kill any liberators.

Once you get the three keys, you’re free to proceed. Note that you must repeat this process each time you complete one of the following challenges, or if you decide to leave the raid and come back. So make sure to get your strategy down so each successive run is much easier.

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