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Destiny 2: How to Get Sweet Business


Destiny 2: How to Get Sweet Business

How to Get Sweet Business in Destiny 2

If you’re diving deep into the combat and chaos of Destiny 2 it probably won’t be very hard to sell you on any of the exotics featured in the game. It probably would be even easier however to sell you on an exotic called Sweet Business. The name itself just seems like a great reason why it should be a prime weapon of choice. Imagine tearing through enemies and giving all the credit to Sweet Business. But if the playful moniker doesn’t quite do it for you, maybe an impressive list of perks will.

The perks for Sweet Business in Destiny 2 are:

Payday – Large magazine, increased accuracy when firing from the hip.

Polygonal Rifling – Increased Stability

High-Caliber Rounds – Increased range, shots knock back targets.

Business Time – Holding trigger boosts range and rate of fire. Automatically loads ammo pickups into the magazine.

Composite Stock – Increased handling speed and stability.

You can get this as an exotic engram but keep in mind that your chances are pretty slim. The drop rates are low for exotic engrams. There’s a small chance to get it as a reward for completing an activity as well. You also might get the chance to buy it off of Xur when he pops up every week.

Still have more questions? Head over to our Destiny 2 wiki for more answers!

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