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Destiny 2: How to Get Items From the Postmaster


Destiny 2: How to Get Items From the Postmaster

Look out for your lost engrams.

How to Get Items From the Postmaster in Destiny 2

The Postmaster makes a return in Destiny 2, and this is the NPC you’ll want to talk to in order to receive all of your pre-order bonuses and other loot items. The Postmaster is responsible for keeping loot and engrams that you might have forgotten to pick up while you were in a fight, or if you didn’t have enough inventory space at the time to take them. As such, don’t worry about leaving loot on the ground; you’ll be able to claim them from the Postmaster once you get back to a social space in Destiny 2, such as the all-new Farm.

When you’re in a social space in Destiny 2, just look out for the Postmaster in the area (he’s usually near the entrance or in a more central area), and talk to him. This will bring up a menu of all the loot he currently has in his possession. If you have enough inventory space to claim your items, use your cursor to highlight the item you want to take, and then press and hold the X button (or the A button if you’re on Xbox One) to transfer it over to your own inventory.

It’s generally a good idea to visit the Postmaster every time you return from a mission or a Strike so you don’t miss out on any potentially good loot.

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