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Destiny 2: How to Get and Complete All Exotic Quests


Destiny 2: How to Get and Complete All Exotic Quests

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Relics of the Golden Age – Sturm

How to Get and Complete All Exotic Quests in Destiny 2

Weapon Perks:

  • Accomplice – Kills With this weapon fill the magazine of your equipped energy weapon (uses ammo reserves).
  • Extended Barrel – Increased range, decreased handling speed.
  • Extended Mag – Larger magazine but slower reload.
  • Storm and Distress – Kills with Drang (legendary sidearm) grant bonus precision damage.
  • Combat Grip – Less vertical recoil, increased stability.

Sturm is a powerful hand cannon that happens to be one of Destiny 2’s new exotic sets (an exotic/legendary combination that provides added perks). It’s also one of the few weapons locked behind a quest that you must complete if you want to nab it for yourself.

The first thing you will need to do is beat the story. This unlocks world quests on each of the planets, including one called “O Captain” on Nessus. Complete that quest, and its follow-up “My Captain,” to be given the Drang legendary sidearm and a piece of paper for Master Rahool. Take the paper to Rahool to begin the Relics of the Golden Age exotic quest.

The first part of the quest can be time-consuming. You must complete the following objectives:

  • Decrypt five legendary engrams (leveling up vendors counts).
  • Decrypt one exotic engram
  • Kill 10 Fallen on Nessus using Drang.

After completing that, return to Master Rahool and he’ll give you a note for Tyra Karn on the Farm. Go to her to get your next set of objectives:

  • Get 10 Fallen multi-kills on Nessus with Drang (kill at least three enemies without reloading for it to count. Doesn’t have to be fast).
  • Defeat 10 Fallen Majors with Drang on Nessus.

Afterwards, return to Tyra Karn and she’ll give you the final step. Head into the Exodus Crash strike and look for a servitor called Kendricks-7 and kill it. After that, simply return to Tyra Karn and collect your Sturm exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2. 

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