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Destiny 2: How to Dodge


Destiny 2: How to Dodge

How to Dodge in Destiny 2

One thing you probably wouldn’t expect to be able to do in Destiny 2 is dodge incoming attacks and other threats. After all, the first game was all about running, gunning, and using space magic. But this is a new age. Also, dodging isn’t entirely new to the series. Certain subclasses gained this useful ability during expansions, but now you can actually have it for one complete class and a subclass in Destiny 2.

For the complete class, turn to the Hunter. Thanks to the introduction of Class Abilities, the Hunter can now dodge no matter what subclass it has equipped. Also, it works on a charge. So when you’re all charged up, simply tap Circle twice on the PS4, or B twice on the Xbox One.

The Warlock Dawnblade also has the ability to dodge, though it’s not as straightforward as that of the Hunter. For starters, you must have the Attunement of Sky path and also have unlocked the Icarus Dash ability. This allows the Warlock to do an air dodge by tapping Circle/B twice. You don’t need to have your Super to activate this, you only need to be in the air. Also, you can only do this once per jump it seems.

Hopefully, some more dodge abilities get added into Destiny 2 later on. But for now, if you need to dance around danger, those are your options.

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