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Top 10 Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2


Top 10 Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2

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Nameless Midnight (Kinetic)

Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2

This is a weapon that you’ve probably heard about but just aren’t sure why. It’s because it holds its own against many weapons that other players consider to be the very best. This is one of the most dangerous scout rifles currently in Destiny 2, and in the right hands can dominate the Crucible and Trials of the Nine with ease.

What really helps set it apart from the competition is its explosive rounds. These do high damage combined with the higher impact of the Nameless Midnight. The weapon also has a decent firing speed. It does lack in the handling and reload speed departments though, so you’ll definitely need to find your mark so you don’t end up reloading in the middle of a shooting match. Still, not many weapons pack as strong a punch as this one from down a long lane, so you’ll want to keep at least one of these on your person at all times.

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