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Warriors All-Stars: How to Increase Regard and Bond


Warriors All-Stars: How to Increase Regard and Bond

Comrades in arms.

How to Increase Regard and Bond Levels in Warriors All-Stars

Warriors All-Stars features a large roster of characters taken from Koei Tecmo’s most popular franchises. As such, you’re able to assemble a team of your favorite characters and have them bond with each other to unlock Friendship Gifts and other bonuses to help you out in combat. Here’s what you need to know to increase Regard and Bond levels in Warriors All-Stars

The first thing you need to know about Regard is that you have to level it up separately for each character. This means that when you’re controlling William, and you want him to bond with Zhao Yun, you’ll put Zhao Yun in your party as a member. However, the Regard and Bond increases you get are only for Zhao Yun to William. This means that when you control Zhao Yun, you’ll still need to level up each of the meters for William to Zhao Yun.

There are two ways to increase these levels. The first is rather straightforward: just have those characters as members of your party. The member in the first party slot will get the most Regard increase with your controlled character. You can also increase these levels by completing special objectives for them, which can be viewed from the sanctuary.

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