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Steal Hitler’s Treasures in Raid: World War II This September


Steal Hitler’s Treasures in Raid: World War II This September

Be a Nazi-killin’, treasure-stealin’ machine.

World War II is so hot right now when it comes to game narratives, from Call of Duty: WWII to the first-person shooter Raid: World War II, from the developers previously responsible for their work on Payday 2. From the sound of things, Raid plays in a similar manner to Payday 2, only your goal is to sabotage Nazis and ultimately Hitler. Then you steal his treasures. That’s par for the course.

Yes, the goal is to essentially battle across Nazi-occupied Europe, scuffling with anyone who shares Nazi ideologies. It’s you against the rest of the world, and in the end you’re looking to take all of Hitler’s stuff. And mess him up, of course.

There are four customizable characters across four different classes: Assault, Insurgent Recon and Demolitions, each with an individual skill tree and special “War Cry” buff. There’s also a selection of uniforms, gear, and other items you can customize as you play through raids, Operations Mode, and more.

One interesting mechanic lets you earn Challenge Cards as you finish off raids. The cards will allow you to change up how certain raids are played in the future and customize rules to your liking.

The game has been graced with a September 26 release date, when it’ll hit PC. Then it’ll be out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 10 for North American players. It looks like an interesting riff on Payday 2 as it is, and should provide plenty of entertainment if you enjoy team-based affairs.


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