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PUBG: Where to Get a Crossbow


PUBG: Where to Get a Crossbow

Where to Get a Crossbow in PUBG

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Daryl Dixon, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) does have a crossbow for you to use. The crossbow can be found frequently across the map of PUBG and is not an especially difficult weapon to find. You might come across it in supply crates dropped by airplanes, though it is also commonly found inside buildings at low-risk locations such as The Villa and south Georgopol.

The crossbow is a decent weapon, but it only suits a specific tactical scenario. The stopping power of this weapon isn’t anything like a shotgun, damaging enemies to around half health with a single shot. At medium ranges, it is reasonably effective, but its bolts suffer from massive drop at longer ranges, and is, therefore, not as effective as a sniper rifle. Also, it’s worth noting that this is a single shot weapon that needs to be reloaded after each shot. This isn’t ideal in those intense shootouts during a PUBG game, so always make sure you’ve got another weapon to switch out to.

Its best advantage is, of course, its total silence, which makes it ideal for stealth shots. In all honesty, though, you’re far better off with a suppressed sniper rifle or long range rifle such as the M16.

You can equip the crossbow with two different scopes: red dot, holographic. The second attachment slot is for the quiver, which speeds up the reload time in between firing each bolt.

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