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PUBG: When the Crate Reset Time Is


PUBG: When the Crate Reset Time Is

When the PUBG Crate Reset Time Is

Just like many other games out there, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a crate system. These crates contain cosmetic items to customize your character so you can go out there killing in style. Of course, to ensure that PUBG crates aren’t constantly farmed by players, the price increases every time you purchase one up to a maximum of 7000. While you may not hit this maximum, you may not want to pay the higher price each time, so here’s when the PUBG crate reset time is.

It’s largely believed that the PUBG crate reset time is every Sunday at 20:00 EST. At this time, the crate prices should reset for everyone, allowing you to buy them for cheaper once more and get that hat you’ve always wanted.

It’s worth noting that some PlayerUnknown’s Battleground players have reported a number of issues with the crate system not actually giving out crates, but registering the sale and raising the price regardless. Should you have this problem, you’ll have to wait and see if the next crate reset fixes the issue. If not, be sure to provide Bluehole Studio with some feedback so they can fix the problem while the game is in early access.

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