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Overwatch: D.Va’s New Micro Missiles Ability Is Quite Deadly


Overwatch: D.Va’s New Micro Missiles Ability Is Quite Deadly

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With the Korean mecha-riding hero receiving another major rework soon, Blizzard recently announced how D.Va’s new Micro Missiles ability will function. The team also shared the ability’s tentative stats.

On the official Overwatch forum, principal designer Geoff Goodman said D.Va’s Micro Missile ability will continuously fire all 18 rockets, each with an area of effect (AoE) damage. Incidentally, firing the missiles too close will inflict self-damage.

Similar to Mei’s Icicle alternate fire, the Micro Missiles ability has a 0.5 second delay before activation. All missiles will continuously fire by itself, allowing D.Va to move freely and perform other abilities. It can only be interrupted or cancelled when D.Va’s mech gets wrecked or stunned.

Hypothetically, landing all 18 missles would amount to a total of 216 damage, which is enough to kill support heroes. However, landing each missile could be tricky. Similar to Pharah’s Rocket Launcher, each missile from D.Va’s new ability will travel at a straight line. For comparison, Pharah’s rockets move at 35 m/s while D.Va’s Micro Missiles move at 40 m/s.

Below is D.Va’s Micro Missiles ability stats shared by Goodman, which he stressed is “subject to change” once it debuts on the PTR:

  • Number of missiles: 18
  • Shots per second: 11
  • Explosion Damage: 8 (has damage falloff)
  • Impact Damage: 4
  • Radius: 1.5m (for comparison, Pharah’s rockets are 2.5m radius)
  • Cooldown: 8s

Aside from the new ability, D.Va will soon get to fire Micro Missiles and Fusion Cannons while using her rocket boosters. Blizzard aims to make D.Va more aggressive and fun to play with the rework. However, this rework comes at a cost, with her Defense Matrix duration being halved. Ideally, the reworked version of D.Va can now bully support heroes, or lone enemies low on health.

At present, reception is mixed on Blizzard’s move to make D.Va more offensive and less of a tank. In a sense, D.Va’s rework pushes her to aggressively rush towards enemies for a finishing kill instead of soaking damage for the team, which is what the tank class mainly does.

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