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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Has Ranked Online Play

Middle-earth Shadow of War ranked play

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Has Ranked Online Play

My fortress is your fortress…if you can take it.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War players will be able to invade other players’ captured orc fortresses in modes called Social Conquest and Vendettas, reports Eurogamer.

While Vendettas are returning from Shadow of War’s predecessor, Shadow of Mordor, Social Conquest is a brand new mode that lets players build out fortresses they’ve captured from their “Nemesis” orcs. Players can put an overlord in charge of each fortress and select captains from the orcs they’ve converted as followers to serve under the overlord. They’ll then have the option to buy defensive upgrades before sharing their fortress online and exposing it to assaults.

PvP assaults will load players other games where they’ll attempt to kill or convert into followers an opposing player’s orcs. Converts will only follow the attacking player during the current assault and will not return with them to their own Mordor instance.

During “friendly” assaults, players own followers won’t be put at risk, but the potential rewards will be low. But the ranked variant offers players the chance to increase their assault rating with every successful fortress attack, though rankings will of course drop after failed assaults. Attackers will also be playing for keeps during ranked assaults, with all of their followers at risk of permadeath.

The rewards for successful assaults also include loot chests and spoils of war, the latter of which allow players to unlock yet more chests.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases October 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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