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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: How to Get More Weapons


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: How to Get More Weapons

How to Get More Weapons in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

While your band of fighters will start off with weapons in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, chances are you’re going to want to upgrade and move on from them pretty quickly. The Mushroom Kingdom is filled with weird and wonderful weapons capable of bringing far more pain than the starter weapons ever could. Here’s how to get more weapons in the game.

You can pick up weapon blueprints in chests all over the world in Kingdom Battle. Some chests will require you to use colored switches in the environment to access secret locked-off areas, or solve a simple environmental puzzle.

As you’re moving from battle to battle, you may also spot a blue Rabbid portal. Hop through this and you’ll be taken to a secret stage where you’ll need to collect all the coins within a time limit. Achieve this, and you’ll be rewarded with a chest that, more often than not, will reward you with a weapon blueprint. It’s worth noting here that in both cases, the chests you can find in these locations won’t always contain a weapon blueprint.

Once you’ve got your hands on a blueprint, you’ll be able to buy the weapon with coins. Press the X button on the Switch to bring up the Battle HQ menu to see all the weapons you’ve currently got unlocked for each character. From here, you can buy and equip weapons to different characters as you see fit.

Before you can access the Battle HQ, you’ll first need to complete the tutorial stage and get to Peach’s castle, so you won’t be able to unlock or equip any new weapon prior to this.

For more on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, be sure to check out our wiki.

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