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The Live-Action Teen Titans Production Has Cast Its Raven

Teen Titans


The Live-Action Teen Titans Production Has Cast Its Raven

Now we just have to wait for the other roles to be filled.

The Teen Titans series that has been a popular addition to DC and has already seen its fair share of comics, shows, and even movies. But the new live-action show, simply called Titans, seems a little more real now that one of the major players has been cast. Raven is the first character they’ve named an actress for, and that actress is Teagan Croft.

Croft is a young and fairly unknown Austrailian actress that has just two other credited projects under her utility belt, signaling that this may be a trend for the rest of the casting process, at least when it comes to Starfire and Beast Boy as there are rumors that Drake Bell could be in talks to play Dick Grayson. The rumors were really started by Bell himself when he took to Twitter and spelled out his interest in the role with pictures. There is no word out of DC whether he is actually being considered or not.

As for the people running the show, they aren’t unknown at all. Akiva Goldsman is the main man calling the shots and is best known for his work on Transformers and the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. Geoff Johns will also be one of the writers and seeing as how he originally got Teen Titans going in comic book form, it could bode very well for the new live-action series.

Titans has only just started pre-production, so the news of the casting and who is running, writing, and producing the show is really all that’s set in stone. Fans of the Teen Titans can expect this live-action version to be streaming at some point in 2018.

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