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How and Where to Download StarCraft: Remastered for PC


How and Where to Download StarCraft: Remastered for PC

How to Download StarCraft: Remastered for PC

The original StarCraft is back and looking better than ever. StarCraft: Remastered takes the original game and gives it a major face lift while not messing with the gameplay that made it so iconic. Dragoon’s path is just as goofy now as you remember from 1998.

However, those that haven’t visit the Blizzard app in a while might not be familiar with how to navigate it and actually purchase games through it. Luckily, it’s really quite easy. All you need to do to download SC: R is open up From there, click over to “Shop” on the upper center part of the app next to “Games.” After that, scroll down the left side until you see StarCraft (not 2, the regular one). Open that, and you’ll see SC: R available for purchase.

The original Brood War is free now too, but keep in mind, you obviously won’t have the upgraded visuals among other quality of life changes such as the improved campaign. So mull that over before deciding on whether to pay, or go the free route.

That’s it for how to download StarCraft: Remastered for the PC. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more SC: R guides.

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