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Fire Emblem Warriors Cordelia Action Trailer Shows Pegasus Knight Gameplay

Fire Emblem Warriors Cordelia


Fire Emblem Warriors Cordelia Action Trailer Shows Pegasus Knight Gameplay

Take to the skies as a Pegasus Knight.

Nintendo has released a trailer spotlighting Cordelia in Fire Emblem Warriors. Cordelia first appeared in Fire Emblem Awakening and was a member of a powerful contingent of Pegasus Knights.

In Fire Emblem Warriors, Cordelia will be fighting alongside Chrom as part of his army. Once again she’ll ride into battle atop her Pegasus Aurora, and as you can see from the trailer, she puts her status as a Pegasus Knight to good use.

It seems like Cordelia will be a great character for sweeping huge swaths of regular soldiers. However, her weak point may be taking on single powerful enemies. The Pegasus Knights in the main Fire Emblem series are typically fairly fragile, but highly mobile and able to slip in, strike fast, and move away from danger before the enemy can surround them.

The weapons triangle from past Fire Emblem games sees an implementation in Fire Emblem Warriors, so Cordelia will likely be strong against those using swords, but weak against enemies with axes. Additionally, as flying units, Pegasus Knights are weak to archers, so you’ll want to stay away from foes equipped with bows.

Fire Emblem Warriors also has some maps that have routes that can only be accessed by flying characters. This should enhance Cordelia’s mobility even further by allowing her to take shortcuts and circumvent some enemy formations entirely. You’ll get a chance to play as Cordelia soon when it releases sometime before the end of this year on Nintendo Switch and 3DS.


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